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What are IBAN and SWIFT Codes?

Those, who want to make financial transaction across the border, they may face confusion between IBAN and Swift code as both are used for the international money transfer. Here the details of these two codes are given below: IBAN code: IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number, which is used to transfer money to an […]

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How to Find Swift Code for different Banks in the World

Swift code and BIC code forms a very crucial part of our bank transactions. Bank swift code is generally an international code with ISO standards that helps in the identification of a bank for international transactions. Not all websites in the internet are credible enough to give you the correct information on different swift numbers […]

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For Increased Security Make Use Of The BIC Code In Banks

Are you in search for the safest place for money keeping? Well what else can be the best place other than a bank! A bank is the securest place to keep all you money and also retrieve it whenever you are in need. There are uncountable transactions that take place in a bank per day. […]

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