How to Find Swift Code for different Banks in the World

Swift code and BIC code forms a very crucial part of our bank transactions. Bank swift code is generally an international code with ISO standards that helps in the identification of a bank for international transactions.

Not all websites in the internet are credible enough to give you the correct information on different swift numbers of various banks in the world along with their branches. We have come up with this article to help you with the same. is the most ideal website in this aspect as it provides swift codes, bic codes, address of that bank’s branch and so on.

This probably is the only website that covers information about banks of the world and their branch information alphabetically.

What happens in is you are allowed to send requests to their API to access swift codes, bic code, branch address, branch code, etc. Upon obtaining the required data, you may easily save it in your database for your website application. You can also store the full list of bank information in your local hard disk. You can also get it online at the end of a few clicks.

This article is written keeping in mind those web servers who find it difficult to find swift codes and other bank information for their bank transfers. Even if you know your bank swift code, what is the harm in double checking the same using

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