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For Increased Security Make Use Of The BIC Code In Banks

Are you in search for the safest place for money keeping? Well what else can be the best place other than a bank! A bank is the securest place to keep all you money and also retrieve it whenever you are in need. There are uncountable transactions that take place in a bank per day. […]

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A few ways to get your SWIFT code

SWIFT code is a standard code of 8-11 characters used by banks to transfer money overseas. While sending payment overseas this code helps you to identify the receiving (beneficiary) bank or financial institution. Below are a few tips on how to get a SWIFT code without troubling yourself much: Always use an active SWIFT/BIC code. […]


Difference between SWIFT code and Routing Numbers

SWIFT code or Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication and routing numbers are both used for financial affairs. They are used to identify bank transactions both nationally and internationally. Certain banking institutes use them for identifying their respective bank accounts, while some consider SWIFT code and routing numbers to be the its trademark. But in […]

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