Where is Routing Number located on the Check?

Are you curious on where exactly the routing number in located on your check? Well, frankly speaking this should not bother you if you possess deluxe checks or cool checks like Superman checks, Disney checks or even if you have cheap checks. This is because the account information on your checks will always be in the same place for each and every check.

Gaze to the bottom of your check, look to the left and you will see nine numbers. But make sure that you’re looking at one of your checks and not mistakenly a deposit slip or something else. These nine numbers to the left are normally followed by your account number and then the check number. These exact nine numbers are your bank routing numbers. Note that the routing number never exceeds nine digits. They normally have funny looking characters before and after the numbers. You may ignore those and mainly focus on the nine numbers in between.

Checking for your account number is a bit confusing. Check toward the right side. The next set of numbers is usually your account number. But if you see any zeros in front of the set, just ignore it. Concentrate only on the numbers after the zero. Most account numbers have a funny character after it which is followed by the check number. But sometimes, it does not appear in the place mention. But do not worry. You may always adopt the process of elimination to find out the account number.

Once you have ignored the zeros at the beginning of the account number, look at the upper right hand corner of your check for the check number. Now if you look down at the account number and ignore the check number, the numbers to the left minus any zeros before the number will be your check number.

Most people like cool fancy designer checks with pictures on them. In Disney checks or some other cool theme like fishing or golf, you can still check for the numbers at the bottom of the checks. The banks usually use light colors at the bottom of the checks so that the numbers are visible without any confusion.